Ζάκυνθος, Ελλάδα

Zakynthos is an amazing destination, suitable for vacation with family, friends or relationship. It’s also one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.


To visit Zakynthos we took the boat from the Killini port and the duration is almost one hour. There are buses from Athens and other cities to Killini everyday. We took the bus from Patra for Killini and from there the boat for Zakynthos. When we arrived on Zakynthos the bus took us to the bus station, because it’s not near the port. Then, we took the local bus to go on Lagana, where our hotel was.


Laganas is the most famous area of Zakynthos and during the summer is full of tourists, mostly British, Irish and Scots. That’s why Laganas has many scottish pubs and similas places.

After we settles in our hotel we went at the Lagana city and the beach. Laganas Beach is a beautiful with gold sand and it’s full of shells. Then we visited Cameo Island. It’s a private island and you pay entrance (5 euros). The fee includes coffee or soft drink or beer. At the top of the island there is the cafeteria area and when you going down the stairs, you will find the beach.


JP’s Bar and Food

The first day of our trip we visit the JP’s Bar and Foodb. The restaurant is owned by a Scotish family and they don’t speak greek. Everything was delicious. We liked it so much, so we visited again the next day.

Βράχος Café Bar

It is located at the Laganas Beach and it is one of the most beautiful restaurants on the beach. It is designed with rocks and it is different from the other restaurants around it. We went upstairs and we had an amazing view of the sea. You should try the carbonara pasta. I highly recommend it!

Orient Garden

We visited Orient Garden for chinese food. W were attractes by the decoration. You have to cross a small bridge to reach the dining area. You will feel like walking into Beijing.

For people who don’t like strange food (like me!), you don’t have to coose duck or something unusual. You could try rice with chicken or noodles.

Places you should visit in Zakynthos


Obviously you can’t visit Zakynthos without visit the Swhipwreck, one of the 10 best beaches at the world. You can go only with a boat. There are so many tourist offices who organize tours for the Shipwreck. We trusted the “Zante Magic Tours Laganas” for our tour. The fee was 20-25 euros and the duration was alsmost 6 hours. A bus picked us and tooked us at the port. We got on board and we visited Shipwreck and the Blue Caves. The sand has a beautiful white shade and the turquoise waters make you believe that you are in a tropical place.

Tip: Shipwreck beach isn’t organized, so make sure that you will have with you some supplies, like water, food and sunscreen.

Blue Caves

After the tour at Shipewreck Beach, the boat took us to Blue Caves. You have the chance to swime in the crystal waters and explore the caves.

Blue caves are very famous in Zakynthos and it’s a beautiful natural landscape. The rocks with the clear blue waters compose a unique experience for the visitor.

Marathonisi – Turtle Island

At the same tour guide we booked a three-hour tour to visit Marathonisi, Keriou Caves and a one-hour cruise at Lagana’s Bay in order to meet Careta-Careta turtles.

Marathonisi is surrounded by crystal waters and it reminds me tropical island. It hans’t any human costructions. On this island, turtles come and leave their eggs. That’s why you have to be carefull when you walk in the sand. You’re also not allowed to walk in specific areas. Beach isn’t organized, so it hasn’t any shops there.

Keriou Caves

Keriou Caves are beautiful caves with beautiful crystal waters. Swimming in this place is an amazing experience.

Zakynthos is a beautiful island with incredible beaches. If you want to see more photos and video, find them in my profile on Instagram.

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