Zagorochoria is one of the most beautiful picturesque areas you can visit in Greece. They are located in Epirus, about 65-70 km north of Ioannina.

The area is called Zagori and is named after Zagorochoria, 46 small villages that over time have retained their traditional, picturesque, stone beauty. The word “Zagorochoria” means behind the mountains.

Megalo and Mikro Papigko, Aristi, Monodendri and Vitsa are the most famous villages.

Voidomatis River

On the road to Zagorochoria, you will reach a curved stone bridge and below, you will find the Voidomatis River (part of it, obviously).

The scenery is magical with the turquoise waters running surrounded by countless trees. If you’re a sports fan you can go rafting on the Voidomatis, it’s a unique experience. 


Aristi is located in western Zagori is a beautiful head village located on the road to Papigo and also the village of Vikos. In recent years it has been one of the villages with the greatest tourist development, without losing its unique character.

You will find it after Voidomatis, after passing the village of Mesovouni.

From the village you will see the impressive mountain peaks but also the uphill road leading to the famous Papigo.

Megalo Papigo

Megalo Papigo together with its neighbouring village Mikro Papigo are among the most characteristic examples of Zagorian architecture, and are also the most famous villages. It is located very close to the Vikos Gorge and within the Vikos-Aoos National Park.

The most “tourist season” is winter, but the place is beautiful whatever season you choose to visit.

The café of Koulis

If you find yourself in Megalo Papigo, visit Koulis’ coffee place to enjoy your coffee. Don’t miss to try their fresh pastries. I highly recommend their delicious chocolate pie and orange pie.


Don’t forget to visit Kolimbithres, you will regret it! They are located between the big and the small Papigo.

Kolymbithres is an impressive stone geological formation where you will find small natural pools with crystal clear waters. The more adventurous in summer prefer them for a -cold- dip.

Mikro Papigo

In my opinion, Little Papigo has the most beautiful view of the above mentioned villages. You will find it after you pass the big Papigo and Kolimbithres.

Pinocchio Mikro Papigo

Pinocchio Mikro Papigo is located in Papigo, less than 1km from the Viko-Aoos National Park. It is a hotel but you can enjoy your coffee in the garden with an incredible view of the “towers” of Astraka. 

“Towers” of Astraka

Papigo, with its unique beauty, has a characteristic that does not go unnoticed, as it is the trademark of the area, especially in Mikro Papigo. It is the imposing rocks that cast their imposing shadow over the village, the so-called “towers” of Astraka.

Astraka is one of the peaks of Tymfi, at an altitude of 2,436 metres. It is said that its name means “roof” and was given to it precisely because it rises like a roof above the village.

To reach the top of Astraka, one takes the path that starts from Mikro Papigo and reaches the shelter of Astraka (the only one in the mountain range of Tymfi) at an altitude of 1,950 metres after a three-hour hike.

One of the images that will surely remain forever etched in the memory is the view of the imposing mountain peak from Mikro Papigo – which rises above the village, offering its shadow to it like a huge “giant”.

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