Have you been on a trip to beautiful Prague, want to explore all the sights and don’t know where to start?

You definitely have to see the hidden gem in the heart of the Czech capital, the endless tower of books.

Unlike the other tourist attractions you’ll encounter in Prague, the huge tower of books can be found at the entrance of the Municipal Library, right before you enter the reading room.

What the “Infinity effect” represents

The tower is made with more than 8,000 books and has mirrors at the top and bottom to create the “infinity effect”.

Take a look through the drop-shaped opening at the front of the tower and you’ll find that it leads you to the endless tunnel of books. The mirror at the bottom of the piece creates the illusion of infinity, symbolizing the infinite knowledge you can gain from reading.

The library is open every day, all year round, except Sundays, and admission is free.

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