Melomakarona Athens Μελομακάρονα Αθήνα

Christmas without melomakarona is possible? Definitely not! Melomakarona is one of the reasons why we all look forward to the festive season. But where can you find the best ones in Athens?

Based on age-old recipes from the depths of Greek tradition, melomakarona, along with kourabiedes, are what we want to eat every year during Christmas period.

But apart from the melomakarona of our grandmothers and mothers, in Athens you can also find melomakarona that reaches perfection.

These are the best melomakarona in Athens

Afoi Asimakopoulos

Afoi Asimakopoulos (82 Ch. Trikoupis Street, Athens) is one of the oldest family-run confectioneries in Athens – if not the oldest – since 1915, and there you’ll find traditional sweets and recipes.

Melomakarona are between of their best sweets, and don’t miss their fried diples.

Remoundos Bakery

Remoundos (37 Kypselis Street) is the most famous bakery in Kypseli and although it is known for their cheese pies and sweets, undoubtedly their melomakarona are dreamy.


Of course, Konstantinidis cannot be missing from this list. In his dozens of shops in Athens and Thessaloniki you can try some of the best melomakarona you’ve ever tasted.

Sweet Alchemy by Stelios Parliaros

One of the most famous Greek pastry chefs makes traditional melomakarona with lots of cinnamon cloves and super aromatic syrup in his pastry shop (24 Irodotou Street, Kolonaki).


At the Polish pastry shop Petek (81, 3 September, Athens) the recipe for melomakarona came from Istanbul. You will find fluffy melomakarona!

You’ll also find stuffed melomakarona with walnut, which are put in and baked in cupcake cups.


Mitropolitikon (39 Voulis Street, Athens), one of Athens’ most historic pastry shops, doesn’t discount quality. It uses 100% Greek honey and you’ll find their melomakarona available almost all year round.


In Kolonaki (6 Demokritou Street), the all time classic Desiré is waiting for you to try its delicious melomakarona. The melomakarona have the perfect balance. Neither do they “swim” in honey, nor are they dry. Try them and you’ll remember me.

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