Santorini is one of the most famous islands in the world. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it. It was a Greek destination that I wanted to visit for many years, but I was avoided it, because I don’t like the big crowds. 

July 2020 was the best opportunity for me. Something good finally came out of the coronavirus pandemic. Tourism wasn’t at its best in Greece -as in most countries of the world- and we decided to go to Santorini by plane on July 3, just two days after the island’s airport had opened. 

You can go to Santorini by plane, but also by boat from the port of Piraeus and Rafina. Due to the pandemic, prices had dropped this year and we found airplane tickets with 65€ / person go-come with a suitcase. The duration was almost thirty minutes. 

Due to the pandemic, the mask on the plane and at the airports was mandatory. Packed snacks and bottled water were distributed on the plane. Before boarding the plane we had to wait for them to disinfect the plane from the previous flight.

Trasportation in Santorini

You can explore the island with the local buses or you can rent a car or motorbike. We chose the first option, as the roads of the island are very steep and dangerous and we didn’t want to risk driving it.

The local transport has several routes, so we didn’t have any difficulties at all. From the airport we took a bus to Fira and from there to Oia, where our hotel was located.


We stayed at Thireas Suites in Oia. Personally I can say that it was the best hotel I have ever stayed in all my travels. The room was beautiful with the original architecture of the Cycladic houses. There was an outdoor hot tub on our balcony and their rooms are located above the sea. The view was unique. Their breakfast has a variety of food, while they bring it to your room every day. 

At the hotel they took care and observed all the security measures due to the pandemic. The room was so clean and the staff wore masks and gloves. 

It is worth staying there. The view, the room, the staff and their services will offer you an incredible stay on the island. 

Where to eat in Santorini 

Now let’s discuss a very important part of the trip. The food. 


As soon as we arrived in Oia and left our things at the hotel we tried to find a place to eat and Passagio was the closest one. It’s a cafeteria, but it also makes snacks, such as sandwiches, crepes and club sandwiches. You can order to eat there or to take away. 

Skiza Restaurant & Cafe 

This restaurant is located in a wonderful spot in Oia with a nice view. You can enjoy your coffee or eat. We chose pizza -the dough is made by their own by the way- but also a pasta. 

Their portions are quite big and their prices are quite affordable. But beyond that, their food was very tasty. We chose to take away our food, in order to eat in our room, but next time we will definitely eat at the restaurant too.

Lolita’s Gelato 

If you want to try the most delicious ice cream in Oia, then you should definitely visit Lolita’s Gelato. Because you can’t visit an island in the summer and not eat some ice cream!

Galini Cafe 

This cafe is located in Fira and specifically in Firostefani. Usually -especially during the sunset- it’s very crowded and you have to be lucky to find a spot. Fortunately we traveled at the right time and it was almost empty. We were lucky enough to sit at the front tables. 

I preferred their pancakes instead of coffee and they didn’t disappoint me. The view is unique and the sunset takes your breath away. Personally, I liked this “sunset spot” more in Fira and Imerovigli, than in Oia. 

Asteras Villas 

Above the hotel rooms there is a cafe and we chose it to have our first coffee in Fira. Prices are a bit expensive but the place is quite popular. In fact, it was the first spot we saw a lot of people gathered in a place in our trip.


We found this cafe on the pedestrian street in Fira and near the local bus station. We chose this place twice, once while we were waiting for the bus to Oia and another one, before leaving for the airport.

The prices are much cheaper than those of the shops on the main pedestrian street and it’s a useful stop, if you just want to have a coffee and you are not interested in the view.


Of course it’s not possible to go somewhere in Greece and not eat souvlaki. In Fira we visited Obexil and we ate there twice, since we liked it a lot. Although we heard some bad reviews, we didn’t have any problem. The portions were plentiful and very tasty. 


On the beach of Perivolos we chose this beach bar, which is an ideal place to sit if you visit this beach.

First of all, unlike the bars next to it, there is no charge for the sunbeds, you pay only for your order. Prices are also quite affordable. First we ordered something to drink and at noon we ate there. They brought our food to our sunbeds. We got a club sandwich and pizza. 
Trust me, it’s not worth going to the similar beach bars and paying 20 euros for a sunbed, when there is an equally good shop, with a polite staff ready to serve you.

 Attractions in Santorini

It’s time for the most beautiful spots in Santorini. What’s deserve more to see and the most instagram spots of the island.

Oia Castle – Sunset

First on my list of course is the sunset in Oia. The island is also famous for the most beautiful sunset in the world. The best place to enjoy it is in the Castle of Oia. 
Be careful! Every day, thousands of people arrive to see the sunset. If you want to catch a good spot, you have to go much earlier. Fortunately, it was empty when we went and we managed to see the sunset peacefully. If you want my personal opinion, I wouldn’t stay in the crowd for hours, just to watch the sunset.

The view indeed is breathtaking.

 Castle Oia Houses

One of the most instagram spots in Oia. It’s below the Castle of Oia.

Three Domes of Santorini

Another one instagram spot in Oia is this place. I’m pretty sure that you have already see photos of this place in social media. The truth is that in this specific place the entrance ins’t allowed, because it’s located in a private area (probably to hotels etc).

You will find many tourists waiting to take some good shots there.

Tip: If you want to have more chances to find this spot empty, go before 8am. I went around 6:30.

Metamorfosis tou Sotiros Christou

(I don’t know actually the spelling in English, but you will find this like this at Google Maps).

It’s a beautiful little chapel. You can take some photos or just enjoy the view.

Agios Onoufrios Church

In the central square of Oia you will find this beautiful church surrounded by many shops.

Koimisi Theotokou

Just an another little chapel at the Oia’s entrance with the beautiful Caldera view.


Imerovigli is an amazing part of the island. Every little path, every house, every spot is truly incredible.

Three Domes of Fira

At Firostefani you will reach this beautiful attraction with the view of Chora and the port. It’s a good spot to watch the sunset.


You should definitely walk the paths at Fira. Explore the local souvenir shops, eat some ice cream and enjoy your walk.

Tip: If you like wine you have to do Wine tasting at a winery in Fira. I didn’t go because I don’t drink wine. but it’s an interesting experience.

Santorini it’s not famous about its beaches, but if you want to take a bath, I recommend you to go at Perissa or Perivolos. You can also go at the Red Beach in Akrotiri, but keep in mind that it’s not an organised beach.

If you want to see more about my trip in Santorini, then you should visit my profile on Instagram.

Tell me your thoughts about Santorini in the comments below!

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