Just a few minutes from the Acropolis, in the heart of Athens, there is the Koukaki district, where you’ll find dozens of beautiful little restaurants with the most delicious brunch.

In our country, brunch may not have been so widespread, but in the last year it has been growing, as more and more shops are including the “Brunch” category in their food catalogues.

But what is brunch? Essentially, it’s a combination of breakfast and lunch served from 10am to 2pm.

Seretravel.com has tried and recommended the five best places to enjoy your breakfast in Koukaki.

The best restaurants for brunch in Koukaki

To Kouki, Koukaki

If you’re looking for something more… family-friendly, then I recommend Kouki (5-9 Georgiou Olympiou Street, Athens 117 41).

It’s a small hidden gem in the pedestrian street with the cafe-restaurants in Koukaki. The menu has special dishes with very affordable prices. We tried the scrambled eggs with salmon, fruit salad and sweet pancakes with chocolate, banana and caramel.

Neratzia Cafe Bistro

Neratzia Cafe Bistro (6 Zan Moraes, Athens 117 41) is a corner shop with great decor and delicious dishes. The prices are very affordable and the staff is polite.

The portions are huge, so you better be very hungry!

We tried the “Open sandwich with bacon, fried eggs, gruyere, dried prunes and mayo” along with fries (I asked for it without the prunes).

Of course we couldn’t miss the dessert, so we also got the sweet pancakes with chocolate, bananas and cookies.

Hippy Hippo

A small place with an Instagrammable aesthetic in Koukaki (Anastasiou Zinni 37, Athens 117 41). It has thoughtful details and the menu has few but delicious dishes. 

We tried the choco pancakes and the Croque Monsieur. 

Bel Rey (Μπελ Ρεϋ)

Bel Rey (88 Falirou Street, Athens 117 41) is a corner shop with a lovely aesthetic.

If you’re a fan of banana bread, it will become your favorite spot.

At Bel Rey you can choose between a big variety of coffee, fresh juices, smoothies and a great brunch. 

Some of the most delicious dishes are the croque madame (including: edam cheese, smoked ham, bechamel, toasted bread, tomato and fried egg) and the croque monsieur which has the same ingredients except for the fried egg. Also on the menu you’ll find scrambled eggs, quinoa salad and many more options.

Riza Riza 

Riza Riza (19 Drakou Street, Athens 117 42) is a good choice for all hours, from morning coffee and brunch, to dinner and cocktails.

I recommend trying the delicious pancakes, they have a huge variety of options, with bananas, chocolate, strawberries etc. You can also have tasty  omelettes, which are served with fresh salad.

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