Paros is the third biggest Cycladic island and it’s located west of Naxos.

It’s a beautiful island with many villages and magical beaches. To my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands.

How to go

You can go to Paros by ship from Pireus port or with airplane.

You can combine your trip to Paros with a little trip to Naxos, Mykonos or Santorini.


Paros it’s a big island with nice big roads, so I suggest to rent a car at least for one day, in order to explore easily the island.

Taxi are too expensive (they charged us 10€ for a 2.5km distance). The best way to move around is with the local buses or with car/motorcycle.

Where to stay

Paros Comfy Suites

In Xifara area, two kilometres distance from Naousa, you will find this incredible hotel which is above the sea.

If you want a place to relax, to feel the nature around you, but at the same time to have all the comforts in your room, then Paros Comfy Suites is the perfect solution!

First of all, the stuff is so polite and willing to help you 24 per day. They will welcome you with a big smile -and with a frozen fresh lemonade.

The room we stayed in, it has amazing and it had it all. Spacious, with a private pool, while the beach was literally five-steps from us. The first day on the island we stayed the whole day in our room, because I was working, and we enjoyed at the edge.

What impressed me the most is how close the hotel was with the nature. When we arrived at the hotel, they gave us a thermal bottle for each person, in order to re-fill it with water and not buying plastic water bottles all the time. Therefore less waste of plastic.

A few meters away from the room, there is an outdoor gym and their own little garden! Many things that they will serve you at their restaurant they are so fresh, straight from their garden. They have also a little chicken barn and the eggs we ate at the breakfast meal, they were from their barn.

In general, I loved this “policy”, I wish more and more hotels in Greece to think more about recycling and nature.

The breakfast was incredible. It had a huge variety of foods to choose and you definitely can’t be unsatisfied. We took our breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. You can visit it even though you don’t stay there.

Anthos Apartments Paros

At the heart of Naousa, you will find Anthos, a small family business with 13 rooms.

They have a variety of rooms, from a simple double room to family-small apartments, fully furnished, in case you are a big company.

Every room has a flower name. I stayed at the “Tulip” room, which is by the way my favorite flower. All rooms have nice view, but the “Tulip” is exactly above the pool and it has also sea view. When we arrived they gifted us three small gifts.

The family who owns the hotel is so gentle and willing to help you with whatever you want. We wanted to rent a car, in order to explore the area, and within an hour the car was ready and it was waiting for as at the hotel entrance.

The hotel has the traditional Cycladic architecture, it’s white with minimal details and colourful flowers. You can relax at your balcony and enjoy the unique view.

What to see in Paros


In Naousa you will find the Chora of the island. Naousa is the most famous place  of the island and the majority of the tourists stay there.

Naousa’s graphic small paths are beautiful and you will find wonderful traditional taverns at the old port.

The little church of Agios Nikolaos and the Venetian castle it’s the most famous spots.

To be honest, I don’t know if I will ever visit this area between July-August, because it’s very crowded and it’s a small place.

Lefkes Village

At the center of the island you will find a small graphic village, Lefkes. It’s at the mountain, it doesn’t have any beach, but it still has the Cycladic architecture with white houses all around.

Every corner of the village is like a card postal, beautiful spots with colourful flowers everywhere. In Lefkes there is also a house, which is one of the most famous insta-spots of the island.


In Paroikia there is locates the port of the island. On the beach road you will find mostly rental-cars shops, coffee shops and little taverns.

Definitely worths a visit, but personally I wouldn’t stay there.

Agios Ioannis Monastery 

At the North side of Paros, just few kilometres away from Kolimpithres, you will find a beautiful monastery in from of the sea. 

It’s one of the most peacefully places of the island and the view from this spot is amazing.

Venetian Castle

In Naousa there is the Venetian Castle, one of the most popular spots of Chora. The ideal place to enjoy the wonderful view of Naousa.

It’s located at the old port and there are dozens of restaurants and coffee shops/bars around.

Agios Nikolaos Church

Another one famous spot of Naousa. It’s at the entrance of the graphic old port of Naousa. In front of it there are many fisherman’s boats and they create an amazing scenery.

Beaches in Paros


Paros has beautiful beaches. Honestly, we didn’t visit a single beach I didn’t like.

Kolimpithres beach is the most popular beach in Paros, undoubtedly the scenery is magical. We enjoyed this beach because we visited Paros on May and it was empty. During the summer season it’s full of tourists.

Punda Beach

My favorite beach of the island. Gold sand and clear blue water. It’s a small beach but we spent amazing time there, because it was empty. From my friends, I know that during the summer it’s very crowded.

Xifara Beach

Another one incredible beach of Paros. I was so impressed by its turquoise wate. Definitely worths a visit!

Monastiri Beach

Above the Kolimpithres Beach (fewer than 2 kilometres), you will find the beach in front of the Agios Ioannis Monastery.

This beach is similar to Kolimpithres Beach but it’s not so crowded. It’s an amazing spot to enjoy the sunset.

Where to eat in Paros

Enjoy Paros

Enjoy is located inside the Paros Comfy Suites. It’s a beautiful space with sea view.

All dishes we tried were so tasty. Chef and stuff really deserve all the credits.

You can call in order to make a reservation, you don’t have to stay in the hotel. If you ever visit Paros, I definitely recommend this restaurant.


The day we stayed in the hotel, we ordered from the restaurant and they delivered to us at out room.

We chose chicken with rice and carbonara tortellini. Everything was so tasty, the portions were huge and prices were quite affordable.

Pita Frank

The first night in the hotel we ordered from Pita Frank. It has souvlaki, burgers etc. It’s a good option for a quick meal.


The most famous place with souvlakia in Naousa. Their souvlakia are indeed very good and the portions were quite big.


A beautiful small place at the Naousa’s old port.

If you want to enjoy a cocktail in front of the sea, it’s the best solution.

Piatsa Restaurant

We chose this restaurant to eat italic cuisine. 

We tried prosciutto pizza, carbonara pasta and Caesar’s salad.

Everything was vary tasty, especially the pizza dough was amazing.


In Lefkes Village we sat in a small coffee shop, where the colourful tables were under big trees. It was perfect because it was a really hot day.

Lefkes Village in contrast with Naousa has more affordable prices. For a fresh orange juice I paid 3€ and in Naousa the prices are between 5-7€ at the majority of the cafeterias.

Calypso Cafe

A nice place, near the sea, to enjoy your coffee or ice cream.

Ouzeri Apostolis

A beautiful fish tavern in front of the sea, in Paroikia.

Whatever we tried it was very tasty, I suggest you to pick the shrimp pasta! The stuff was quite polite and the service was fast. Prices were very affordable and the portions were quite big.

They also offered as a dessert after our meal. Definitely recommend it.

In general, Paros is a beautiful island. It has everything, incredible beaches, villages to explore and amazing small paths.

It’s a big island, but with a car you can easily explore the whole island within 3-4 hours. Roads are big so you can rent a car or a motorcycle without fear.

You can see more photos and videos from my trip to Paros in my profile on Instagram. 

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