Naxos is one of those islands in Greece where you want to go for 4-5 days, visit the beautiful beaches of the island and relax.

It offers a variety of different experiences to visitors, combining traditional elements with modern amenities, quiet getaways and nightlife, great beaches and delicious food.

Naxos is a Greek destination suitable for those who want to combine a relaxing holiday with lots of activities. 

You can visit Naxos by plane or by ship from the Piraeus port.  

Transportation in Naxos 

Naxos is a huge island so in my opinion you should definitely rent a car if you haven’t got your own. The road network is good for an island and there are free parking spaces in many places in the main town of the island and also in the villages.

The roads in many places are narrow, so if you rent a car, go for a small one. I chose Akrogiali Rental Tours which has an office almost in front of the island’s port. 

There is also the option of the public bus (KTEL), but I think you’ll be much better with a car, as you won’t have to rely on the routes for every place you want to go.

Accommodation in Naxos

Vorta Naxos

Just 5 minutes from the port of Naxos you will find Vorta Naxos, a new hotel in the heart of Naxos with beautiful rooms.

The rooms are spacious with minimalist decoration and they will provide you all the comforts you’ll need.

Mrs Maria who runs the hotel is kind and willing to help you with anything you need. If you ever visit Naxos I highly recommend it!

Where to eat in Naxos

If you have read my other articles you will already know that I always look for the best places to eat in my trips.

Scirocco Restaurant

In Chora I found this restaurant with delicious food. Scirocco Restaurant has a wide variety of dishes. You’ll find fresh salads, lots of appetizers, while the mains include meat, seafood, pizzas and pasta.

My favorite dish was soutzoukakia, which tasted like it came out straight of grandma’s oven! I 100% recommend them. The prices are reasonable for an island and the portions are quite big.

I should also tell you that the staff is extremely polite. After dinner they offered us orange pie with ice cream and then they brought us a limoncello granita.


You can’t visit a Greek island without eat souvlakia. Yasouvlaki is a good choice for souvlaki in Naxos, as it is quite big and tasty.


On Plaka beach you’ll find Nomad, an idyllic beach bar that transfers you to an exotic destination. You can enjoy your coffee on the beach, drink fresh cocktails and try some of their delicious dishes.

Of the plates I tried, my favourite was their burger with beef burger and delicious Naxos potatoes.

I must also tell you that all the ingredients have been carefully selected so that everything would be perfect. In very few restaurants will you find people who care so much about the dishes they serve you.

Aktaion Pastry

If you want desserts, I recommend Aktaion Pastry, located in Chora.

It has countless dessert options, delicious waffles and dozens of ice cream flavors.

Symposium Restaurant

On the beach of Agios Prokopios you will find Symposium Restaurant, which is owned by Liana Hotel & Spa.

It is a very sophisticated restaurant with exquisite flavours. I tried the Cycladic salad with Naxos xinomizithra, saganaki with Naxos Arseniko cheese, orzo with shrimps and cuttlefish ink and seafood pasta. For dessert, the chef’s dessert is also worth trying.

What to see in Naxos


In Naxos Town, in front of the port, there is a little island in the sea, on which the huge marble gate, known as Portara, dominates, which is one of the most famous sights of the Cyclades.

Portara consists of 4 monoliths made of Naxian marble with a length of more than 6 meters and weighing about 20 tons. It is of Ionic style, it was 59 meters long and 28 meters wide. While its entrance was located on the west side. A fact unusual in temples of this type.


A walk to the top of Chora of Naxos not only rewards you with a view of the Aegean Sea but also with a Venetian castle.

Look out for the well-preserved tower of Aperathitissa and the Della Rocca Barozzi tower (housing the Venetian Museum), as well as the Archaeological Museum. Continue your stroll downhill and explore the alleys with souvenir and local shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. 


Chalki is one of the most beautiful and well-kept villages of Naxos that will win you over from the first moment you visit. 

You will find it on the plateau of Trageaia in central Naxos, which consists of the settlements of Chalki, Akadimous, Kaloxilo and Kerami. 

Discover the beautiful alleys, small squares and houses with colourful flowers. 

If you visit this place you’ll notice that there are many small stylish shops with local handmade sweets or artwork. 

The old mansions, the bright colours in the cobbled courtyards and the dense bougainvillea, create a dreamy setting that is one of the most beautiful places in the Cyclades. 

Agios Prokopios Beach 

The beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters that resemble a natural swimming pool is located 5 km from Naxos Town.

Multi-awarded, it is ranked among the best beaches of Naxos and Greece. It has a long coastline where a large part of it is organized with sunbeds and restaurants for all tastes. 

It is definitely a beach not to be missed if you visit Naxos. 

Agia Anna Beach 

Agia Anna beach is located on the western coast of Naxos, 7 kilometres south of the island’s Chora and is a natural continuation of the famous Agios Prokopios beach. 

This beach is suitable for families as it is quieter and fully organised with beach bars.

Plaka Beach 

Plaka remains one of the best and most popular beaches in Naxos. It is a natural continuation of Agia Anna beach. 

The magnificent scenery of Plaka is the endless golden sandy beach and the crystal clear blue waters with tiny rocks. 

A characteristic feature of the plaza are the large dunes that exist at the back of the beach. In the largest part of the beach you will find beach bars to enjoy your day. You will also notice some cactus that grow near the sea and you can use them as a natural umbrella.

Mikri Vigla

Mikri Vigla is a beautiful beach about 18 km south of Naxos town with turquoise water. It’s an organized beach as it has umbrellas and sunbeds for relaxing and sunbathing. 

The area is ideal for windsurfing, and is considered the best beach in Naxos for kite surfing because the bay is closed and the wind is comfortable for water sports.

Hawaii Beach

Last but not least my favourite beach. Naxos has a unique hidden paradise that provides you an idyllic landscape. It is a pristine beach with wild landscapes that will steal your heart from the first moment. 

Blue-green waters and fine white sand is the spot you’ll face when you arrive there. Basically, it is a quiet beach that stretches alongside rocks and dunes creating small and successive private beaches.

The beach is becoming increasingly popular with many visitors visiting it, not only to enjoy diving in the crystal clear waters but because they seek tranquility away from the crowded and organized beaches of the island especially during the high season when thousands of visitors flood the island.

Naxos – What you need to know before you go

  • If you visit Naxos be sure to eat Graviera cheese of Naxos, Naxos “Arseniko” cheese and of course Naxos potatoes.
  • Naxos is a very large island, so I recommend renting a vehicle if you don’t have your own.
  • From Piraeus the journey is about 5:30 hours by slow ferry.

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Travel guide for Naxos

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