There are people who visit islands on the summer and on the other hand, there are people like me who visit islands during autumn. The “Wind Island” is famous for the crazy nightlife during the summer season in Greece. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Mykonos to have fun.

But if you want to explore the more “quiet” side of the island and enjoy your time at the beach, then you should visit Mykonos on October. The weather is ideal and it’s not as crowded as in the summer. 


For Mykonos you can take the boat from the Piraeus or Rafina port. Of course you can also go with airplane. We chose the boat from Rafina. The duration is almost 4 hours because the boat first stops at Andros and Tinos Island. 

Where to eat

Aperanto Galazio

At Ornos Beach there is the Aperanto Galazio. The location is amazing, in front of the beach with modern design and some tropical details.

Except for the design, the food was delicious! The size of plates was huge and everything we tasted was delicious. My favorite plate was the truffle pasta with chicken. Prices are affordable for the standards of the island. It’s the perfect choice.

If you are not hungry you can enjoy your coffee or your drink. The restaurant has also some sunbeds on the beach.


When you cross the old port and you walk through the beach you will meet Kazarma. This cafeteria is near the sea and in the entrance there is one of my favorite flowers, bougainvillea.

The stuff is very polite and there is a warm atmosphere in general. You can find a big variety of coffee, snacks, drinks and food. They serve with coffee handmade fresh butter croissants. We visited this place twice.


After the walk on the old port we visited Agios Stefanos. We found a tavern with wooden platform over the sea. You should try fresh fish and their salads.

On the right side of the restaurant there is a door which leads you to some white stairs. If you go to the left you will reach the sea and if you go to the right you will go to a little beautiful white church with an amazing view. It belongs to the tavern and it’s worth the visit.

Sakis Grill House

Somewhere between the picturesque alleys of Chora you will see the Sakis Grill House. The place is small but the food is so good. Souvlaki costs around 4€ and it’s really tasty. The portions are so big, which is unusual for tourists areas.

Sunset Little Venice

At Little Venice we chose “Sunset” to take our breakfast. We also met Petros the Pelican there. We sat next to the sea. When the director of the wind changes, water might splash you, but it’s not such a big deal.

Oregano Cook &Grill

If you want to eat something really tasty and affordable, something that locals choose, you should go at Oregano Cook &Grill. It is located out of the Chora, near the AB supermarket.  I recommend you to choose the grilled chicken and the kondosouvli. 

Casa Dolce

Next to Oregano Cook &Grill you will find the Casa Dolce with the most delicious ice cream!

Places you should visit in Mykonos

Little Venice

This place it’s a “must” if you ever visit Mykonos. Restaurants are literally next to the sea and at some points you should be careful, because there is water everywhere. Colorful shops provide you a beautiful scenery.


When you across Little Venice, you will reach the windmills, the trademark of the island. Five huge white windmills at the hill with panoramic view of Little Venice. Incredible place with amazing view.

Tip: If you think to wear a short dress then you might consider yourself, because the struggle with the wind it’s real!

Photo Tip: If you want to take some photographs without any crowd around you should go at the back side of the windmills. It’s a beautiful spot with not so many people as at the front side.

Panagia Paraportiani

We were walking in the Chora’s graphic paths when we reached the most famous church of Mykonos, Panagia Paraportiani.

It’s a really incredible church. Huge with imposing features. It’s majestic and people queue to take a photo. Definitely a place you need to visit.

Faros Armenistis

At the end of the day we visited Faros Armenistis. This lighthouse was built on 1981. It was my favorite part of the island because this place shows you an other side of the island, the “wild” one. You have the chance to admire a beautiful nature scenery. There aren’t any shops around and it’s not full of tourists.

If you are a person who likes to explore around then it’s the perfect place for you. It’s also a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset. 

Agios Sostis

We went to Agios Sostis Beach around 19:00 and unfortunately we missed the sunset time. It’s not an organised beach and this is the best part. A quiet place full of gold sand around your feet. Above the sea you will find the Agios Sostis Church. It’s worth the visit.

Mykonos is a beautiful island and it can provides you so much more than a crazy nightlife, which is famous for. 

You can enjoy the traditional Greek food, visit some beautiful beaches, see the Cycladic architecture and explore unique places.

If you want to see more of my trip to Mykonos, visit my profile on Instagram.

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