Have you “stuck” in daily routine and you need a change? You don’t have to go far from home to achieve that. Neither it’s nessesary to leave your house for many days. One-two days are enough to see something different and escape from the everyday life.

One of my favourite destinations near to Athens, especially when the weather is good, is Spetses island. It’s an historical island of Argosaronikos, while its name came from Venetians. It means the island of perfumes and they named it like that because it was full of flowers.

Everyday tens of ships depart from Porto Heli and Kosta Argolidas to Spetses.

The trip

We started from Athens to Kosta Argolidas. We stopped at Isthmus of Korinthos for a rest stop. The duration of the trip is approximately two and a half hours. When we arrived in Costa, we took a little boat which transfers you to Spetses in 5 minutes. The ticket costs around 3€.

But the return was a little more inconvenient for us. The day we chose to organise our trip, the weather wasn’t by our side. From the middle of the day and then, the weather  was windy so the little boats were unable to stick to schedule after an order by the port authority. Eventually the wind calmed down and a bigger ship received all the passengers and dropped us to Porto Heli and then we came back to Athens.

Bouboulinas Museum

If you visit Spetses, you should go to the Bouboulina’s house, which has been turned into a museum and tours take place every day. It’s an interesting place, as people can learn so much things from this place, which was the home of a fighter of the modern history.

Roussos Café

After a first brief walk, we sat at Roussos Cafe, a cafe which can’t disappoints you. It’s in a very good spot above the sea and offers you a great view. Especially if you sit to the front tables, you will see that there are cannons, which were used in the past. It’s an affordable place to enjoy your coffee or a snack.

Clock Eatery& Kaiki Pizza

At midday we found the Clock Eatery, a restaurant which attracts you from the decoration. White tables with colourful chairs. We sat to a table with a gondola-shaped couch. As beautiful as it was on the outside, its food was just as delicious. I recommend you the prosciutto pizza and carbonara pasta with chicken. 


Even your stomach is full, there is always space for an ice cream! At Delice I found my favourite flavour, stracciatella and I enjoyed my ice cream on a swing. It’s something unique. That’s why it sparked my interest among the other ice cream shops. If I ever visit Spetses again, I’ll definitely visit this place.

Posidonio Hotel-Library Brasserie

Walking around the esplanade you will see the majestic Posidonio. Its architecture is incredible and is one of the most beautiful buildings of the island. You don’t have to stay there to enjoy your coffee at the hotel’s cafeteria. Admire the sea and the Bouboulina’s statue.

Our day trip to Spetses was short, but even the smallest trips can create many new memories. This is the short escape from the daily routine, something we all need sometime.

Have you ever been to Spetses? Let me know in the comments.

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