Have you ever seen these picturesque places online which seem unreal? Like a Disney movie? A place like this, is Parga. Parga is located northwest of Preveza and is the perfect place to go if you are nearby. If you don’t stay near to Parga, then it’s a perfect opportunity to organize your vacations there. It won’t let you down, trust me.

I was in Ioannina and I went to Parga for a day trip  and for sure I would like to visit it again. I really can’t choose what’s the most beautiful part of Parga. The turquoise water of the sea? The old castle on the hill? Or a combination of those?

The castle of Parga 

The castle of Parga has been destroyed and rebuilt  several times, every time a conqueror occupied the city. The surviving castle I was built by the Venetians in the 16th century. 

For the castle you can go either from the city of Parga or from Valtos Beach. Despite the fact that you have to climb many stairs, when you are going to arrive to the main area of the castle, the destination will reward you. Wear comfortable shoes and begin. It’s the perfect place to see the sunset. The location is stunning and the view is magical. There is a cafe in the castle, where you can enjoy your coffee and admire the wonderful landscape of Epirus. 

GEMINI Restaurant 

Travel without food is impossible of course. We were walking on the beach and trying to choose where to eat. All restaurants were crowded and they had so much loud noises. Eventually we chose GEMINI Restaurant and we went upstairs to the first floor where the tables overlook the sea.

We chose to eat pasta, while my friend got a pizza with pineapple. The portions were huge. If you are not a person who eats a lot, don’t choose a pasta just for yourself. 

Krioneri Beach 

Krioneri Beach is the main beach of Parga. Despite being located in the center, it’s a very clean beach with golden sand and pebbles. It’s located below the Main Street where there are many shops of Parga. Across the beach is the island of Panagia, it’s only a few metres away and you can visit it even with a water bike.

Parga is a beautiful island with so many places to visit. Valtos beach is another impressive place to go. When you visit this place, you will remember me for sure.

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