Less than 40 days left until Christmas and already a lot of people have already decorated their homes. 

Slowly, colourful lights and decorations are slowly taking their place in shops and streets across Greece. And if you think it’s early, other European countries are already “putting on” their festive clothes and waiting to welcome the Christmas holiday tourists.

In case you haven’t planned your Christmas holiday you still have time to make your reservations before prices skyrocket! To be honest prices have of course already gone up in top Christmas destinations, but you still have a chance of getting a budget package.

Seretravel.com has prepared a list of the best destinations in Europe to enjoy Christmas.

The best European destinations for Christmas

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the top travel destination to spend your Christmas vacation. The pedestrian streets are dressed with colourful decorations that will impress even the most hesitant. Its imposing buildings and castles are adorned and the spectacular Christmas markets are a highlight.

You can combine your trip with a visit to Princess Sissy’s palace and of course try the best Viennese schnitzel. The accommodation is definitely not very affordable, but from Greece you can book cheap flights with low cost airlines.

Vienna’s Christmas market is already open and runs until late in the evening on New Year’s Eve.

London, England

Another top destination for Christmas is London. Dazzling street lights, stunning window displays – and of course Harrods – and tons of festive fun make London one of the best cities to spend Christmas in Europe.

The ice rinks and strolls through the decorated streets of the British capital will get you well and truly into the holiday spirit.

Christmas in London is a serious affair! Officially, the festive atmosphere in the British city starts with the first lights on Oxford Street. The shop windows get all festive by filling up with Christmas figures and toy shops, such as Hamley’s, are filled with children running around to have their picture taken with Santa Claus!

Prague, Czech Republic

One thing is for sure. Prague knows how to celebrate Christmas! Prague is a fairytale city, filled with lights, ornaments and Christmas decorations. It has many open-air, Christmas markets, nativity scenes and of course all this to the accompaniment of Christmas tunes.

If you choose Prague in the main square you can try the pork roasted at the Christmas markets and hot wine, as the temperatures are quite cold!

Prague’s Christmas markets are among the most famous in Europe, providing an excellent opportunity to discover the traditions, cultural values and delicious cuisine of this medieval European country steeped in history. The largest, oldest and most impressive is the one located in the Old Town Square, at the foot of the Church of Our Lady before Týn.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has opened its Christmas markets as early as the beginning of November and is waiting for you to celebrate Christmas! 

Tivoli, the oldest theme park in Europe is the centrepiece of the festive season in the Danish capital, and the Christmas markets challenge you to spend more money to sample traditional, Christmas cuisine and say yes to a porcelain, handmade doll.

I won’t lie to you, of course. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of money, as everything is very expensive and the cheapest option is hot dogs from the countless canteens you’ll find on every corner of the city.

Nyhavn Copenhagen - Κοπεγχάγη

Dresden, Germany

Dresden stands out in Germany for Christmas, as it is famous for its Christmas markets.

In early December, a huge 4-ton Christmas cake, the well-known stollen, is created and shared with the crowd.

Christmas markets are located throughout the city and there is also Santa’s House, where children and adults alike will find the authentic holiday atmosphere.

On the banks of the Elbe River, Dresden has the whole package that makes a city a perfect Christmas destination: Markets, choirs on almost every corner, decorated streets and a whole host of other surprises.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi is ultimate goal for Christmas. There is probably no more ideal place than Santa’s village for the holiday season. Set against a white backdrop, with everything decorated and the Northern Lights as the icing on the cake, it’s easily included on any bucket list.

Sleigh rides, reindeer, snow everywhere, it’s Christmas heaven! Although you should expect very high prices!

Strasbourg, France

In 1570, Christkindelsmärik was the first organised Christmas market ever set up, making it the oldest in the world to this day.

The Alsatian capital, Strasbourg, dazzles visitors thanks to its city symbol, the impressive 149m-high Gothic Cathedral completed in 1439 and the charming old town known as “petite France” (little France), which is listed by UNESCO.

Rome, Italy

Rome is a destination for all months of the year. It awaits its Christmas travellers for a stroll through Piazza Navona, home to a large market, while 100 fantastic scenes from the nativity story are set up in Piazza del Popolo.

For many, the ultimate destination is St Peter’s Square in the Vatican and watching the midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Krakow, Poland

A magical and very affordable destination to enjoy Christmas is Krakow in Poland.

The old town of Krakow welcomes a large, traditional Christmas market every year, where you can spend the whole day without even realising it. Try mulled wine, vodka and hot goulash soup.

Bruges, Belgium

A fairytale place for a Christmas holiday is Bruges. This cute little town in Belgium has colorful buildings that look like they were made of sugar and cookies.

When the Christmas season approaches, the city’s main square Grote Markt turns into a magical snow globe decorated with twinkling lights.

The best? Hot waffles, French fries and divine Belgian chocolate!

December is also the month of the Bruges Ice Sculpture Festival, one of Europe’s best winter events, which takes place every year in the square in front of the city’s train station and features wonderful works by international artists.

Will you go somewhere for Christmas?

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