In Greece, the eternal dilemma may be “souvlaki or pizza”, but the burger is a whole different situation. More and more burger places are opening in Athens.

“We’re going for a burger” you say with your friends. But where? At we present you our favorite places in Athens for burgers. 

Personally, I love burgers. And I’m always on the lookout for their best versions. Below, you’ll find a list with seven places where it’s worth trying this American street food.

6+1 restaurants for burger in Athens

Juicy Grill

In the heart of Athens (7 Palaion Patron Germanou 7, Athens 105 61), you’ll find the temple of burgers. Juicy Grill is one of the most famous burger restaurants in Athens. It’s a good idea to make a reservation before you go, as the place is always full.

The burgers are delicious and the portions are quite big. We tried and recommend the Juicy Burger (for those who don’t want too much and prefer the classics) and the New Yorker, which has a burger stuffed with mozzarella.

Juicy Grill Burger

Butcher’s Burger & Steak House

One of my favorite places to eat in Athens. You’ll find it in several places in the capital of Greece, including Peristeri, Syntagma, Halandri and Ilioupoli. Their burgers are delicious and they have great sauce. 

If you are a big group try their XXXL burger!

The Burger Joint

In Glyfada, Nea Smyrni, Neo Psychiko and Athens (Karitsi 7) you will find The Burger Joint to try the juiciest burgers.

My favorite burger is the Crispy Chicken with breaded chicken fillet, emmental cheese, lettuce, tomato and BJ mayo.

Mpar Mpee Kiou

At Mpar Mpee Kiou (Μπαρ Μπεε Κιου) (Nea Smyrni, Piraeus and Halandri) you’ll find the biggest burgers, which served with a huge “hill” of fries.

Can you bear to try the “Father of Genaios” with four burgers, 4ple edam cheese, 4ple smoked bacon, fried egg, tomato, iceberg, caramelized onions, homemade red sauce, mustard, mayonnaise?

I’m not even talking about the “Grandfather of the Brave” with eight (!) burgers!

Burger AP

With pure ingredients and home-made sauces, people who work at Burger AP know how to turn a street food meal into a gourmet dining option.

The prices may be a bit expensive, but their burgers are quite filling and tasty.

Enzzo Cook Bar

Enzzo Cook Bar can be found in the West (Peristeri, Ilion, Aigaleo) and is the perfect choice for fresh delicious burgers and more! 

What I like the most is that they cook the fish bread in the wood oven, which either way, all food cooked in a wood oven is a chuckle more delicious than the rest!

In addition to burgers, you’ll also find delicious pizzas and pasta at Enzzo, but we’ll discuss those in another article…

Phat Bunny Burger

Want to eat a burger at the most special place? Then go to Phat Bunny Burger in Peristeri (13 Kostas Varnalis Street, 121 32). 

A special pink gem in the West that offers you a unique experience. Try juicy burgers, but also delicious hot dogs. And for those who prefer something alternative, they also have vegan options. It’s very hard to go and not find something to your taste!

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