Andros is the second biggest island of Cyclades, after Naxos. Chora is the capital of Andros, while the port of the island is called Gavrio. Andros was a last minute travel so I was a bit unprepared. 

How to go 

You can go by ship from Peraias or Rafina port. We chose Rafina and the duration of the trip was about two hours. 

Where to stay

Andros Holiday Hotel  

This hotel is located in Gavrio, very close to the port. We walked from the port to the hotel, taxi or another vehicle is unnecessary. The hotel rooms are very beautiful and most of those have an amazing view to the sea. You are enjoying your breakfast with the best view.

The hotel also provides access to a private beach. We went in June so most of the time the beach was empty. Except of the beach, the hotel has a pool. The staff is very polite and willing to help with anything you need. 

What to see  


The port of the island is located to Gavrio. Along the esplanade there are a lot of restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and gift shops. Explore the white-coloured paths and explore their secrets.


In my opinon Batsi is the most beautiful village of Andros, I like it a even more than Chora.

It has the classic Cycladitic style with shops, houses and streets having white-blue shades. The beach has gold sand and is one of those that you have to walk enough to go deep.


Chora has its own beauty. Just keep in mind that it’s a very windy place. Chora is full of paths with colourful flowers -and my favorite one, the bougainvillea- and they always cheer you up.

Faros Tourlitis

The lighthouse was built in 1887 and is located at the opposite side of the Venetian Castle in Chora. It’s the only lighthouse built on a rock in the sea. 

The Castle 

In the end of the main pedestrian you will find the castle, a landmark of Andros. It’s a perfect location for photoshooting but also to enjoy the sunset. 

Agia Talassini Church

Panagia Thalassini is located on a rock in the sea, at the entrance of Chora and it’s one of the most beautiful churches you will find. From behind you can see the Tourlitis lighthouse and it’s one of the most popular attractions of Andros.

Where to eat

Gavrio’s Gyros 

In the port of Gavrio you will find this restaurant, with the largest portions you have ever seen. If you stay in Gavrio, it’s worth a visit. The food is delicious and filling. 


Apomero is a five minute walk from the port of Gavrio. It’s a very cozy and well-kept place with beautiful view. Enjoy your coffee or your cocktail in the evening.

Litsa’s Pizza  

In Batsi we found this restaurant across the picturesque small port. We tried the prosciutto pizza and carbonara. 


Nefeli is located in a central part of Chora. It has a wide variety

of sweets to try, although I just chose a peach juice. The tables are under the trees which offers you their shadow.

If you want to see more photos of Andros, then visit my profile on Instagram.

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