Even a short getaway, a day or two is what I always need to get away from everyday life.  

If you live in Athens and want a short excursion, Aegina is a very good and economical solution. Of course, even if you don’t live in Athens, Aegina remains a beautiful destination! 

The ticket from Piraeus to the port of Aegina costs just 8 euros and the journey is an hour and a half (there is also the fast route, it costs twice but the duration is 40 minutes). The routes are very often during the day, There are also routes for the port of Agia Marina but they are few and they are scheduled only in summer. 

Aegina is known for its pistachios and the countless products that you will find on the island with their main ingredient of course… pistachios! But it certainly has a lot more to offer. 

The city of Aegina, where its main port is located, is in the west of the island. On the island you can find many important attractions, such as the temple of Poseidon and the temple of Aphaia. 


Transportation to the island is by local buses or taxi, while near the port you can find dozens of shops that rent cars and motorbikes. 

Tip: If you have organized a trip for two people and you have a motorcycle license, I suggest you to choose a motorbike, as the distances are short and the cost is low.


Temple of Apollo 

You get off your ship at the port of the city of Aegina. A few meters further (you can easily walk) is the temple of Poseidon at the top of the hill of Kolona. It was built around the 6th century BC. and now only one column has survived. In the opposite side of the archeological area is the Archaeological Museum of Aegina. 

Temple of Aphaia 

In Agia Marina, there is the Temple of Aphaia and hides one of the secrets of the ancient Greeks. The temple is one of the three points of an imaginary isosceles triangle. The Temple of Aphaia, the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio and the Acropolis of Athens are the sacred triangle of antiquity. 

Agios Nektarios Church 

Aegina is full of churches and monasteries but the imposing Monastery of Agios Nektarios is the most popular tourist attraction. Lovely surrounded by small churches and colorful flowers. It is located just outside the city of Aegina and can be reached by local buses or a taxi (the route costs around 10 euros). In order to explore it, the taxi or bus leaves you at the top of the hill and you first pass through the dozens of small monasteries, before you reach the main church. 

Note: Buses don’t have frequent services and we chose a taxi. The taxi allows you to wait for 45 minutes at no extra charge. So you have plenty of time to do your exploration. 


Remvi All Day Café Bar 

We had just arrived at the port and there is a sidewalk with dozens of shops and the main question is, which one we should choose? This cafe was an excellent choice as you can drink a coffee and eat, while in the evening you can enjoy your drink in front of the sea. 

Tip: We highly recommend butter croissants filled with Aegina’s pistachios. It may sound strange, but it is served hot and it is amazing! 

Inn on the Beach 

Of course, it is not possible to go to Aegina and not visit the Inn on the Beach, which is located just above the sea. The night dominates over the rest of the night shops, while it is open all day. An advice; If you want to go, go in the afternoon when the sun goes down and grab one of the tables by the sea. The view will reward you and you will remember me! 


You can’t go to Aegina and not to visit any of the beaches. In the city of Aegina you will find two organized beaches. The first is at the left of the port, in front of the archeological site, while the second is at the right of the port. 

A few kilometers after the port you will meet Marathon and a little further it’s Perdika. Perdika is a small village built around the sea and it’s full of taverns on the sea. Perdika has a rocky beach with crystal clear waters. From Perdika you can take a boat, which will take you to the Moni island and is inhabited by deer, goats and other animals fully acquainted with humans.

And of course in Agia Marina, you will find the most popular beach of Aegina. On the sandy organized beach you can have fun, doing water sports. Many people prefer this beach for underwater fishing. 

In case you are wondering if you can see all these places in three days, yes you can! Aegina is an island that you can explore in two days, so if you are looking for a short excursion I highly recommend it! 

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