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Less than 30 days are left until summer and preparations for the summer holidays have already begun, with the islands in Greece playing a leading role.

Greek islands are definitely at the bucket list of million tourists from every corner of the Earth because the greek sun and magical beaches are something you can’t find anywhere else.

If you’re planning to visit a Greek island this year but don’t know which one to choose, the list below will give you the places that shouldn’t be missing from your bucket list.

The Greek islands you should visit this summer 


Santorini is undoubtedly the most famous island in Greece, as it is “swamped” by thousands of tourists during the summer months. 

I’m generally not a fan of going where everyone goes, but you should definitely visit Santorini once in your life and enjoy the magnificent sunset from Oia’s castle. 

In Imerovigli you can also see a beautiful sunset, and don’t miss a walk along the pedestrian streets in Fira.


Just as famous as Santorini is, of course, cosmopolitan Mykonos.

Mykonos has become known for its outrageous prices and the luxury hotels chosen by celebrities from around the globe, but it’s much more than that. Mykonos has gorgeous beaches to swim for free without having to pay thousands of euros.

You can find affordable tavernas to enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices and of course you can visit the island’s attractions such as the windmills, Little Venice and the church of Panagia Paraportiani without spending anything.


Paros is my favourite island in Cyclades. It has beautiful beaches and gorgeous little villages to explore.

Apart from Naoussa and Parikia, you should definitely visit Lefkes, a small village in the centre of the island.

Of the beaches you should not miss Kolimbithres and Pounta, which has golden sand and crystal blue waters.


If you want to visit an island with big, clean and beautiful beaches then you will choose Naxos.

In Naxos you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. One of them is Agios Prokopios with golden sand and crystal clear waters reminiscent of a natural swimming pool.

Mikri Vigla with its turquoise waters is the best for windsurfing and kite surfing.

Don’t miss the Hawaii Beach in an idyllic landscape with turquoise waters, wildlife all around and white sand.


Paxoi will have their honor this year, as they became known worldwide after the series “Maestro”, the first Greek production that entered Netflix.

Of course, Paxoi is not an unknown island. On the contrary, the enchanting beaches with crystal clear waters, combined with the abundant green element of the island compose a unique setting.

The small picturesque island of the Ionian Islands was even the first in the first quarter of 2023 in terms of Airbnb searches in Greece. So if you choose Paxos for this summer, make sure to organize your vacation soon.


Astypalaia, otherwise known as the butterfly of the Aegean, is an island with a rich history, tradition and unique beauty.

It is an ideal island for peaceful summer holidays with beautiful beaches and an impressive Venetian castle in the Chora of the island.

The locals make their own handmade pasta, so don’t miss out on trying it.


Of course, the list couldn’t be without Milos, the most spectacular island in the Cyclades.

You must visit the unique beach “Sarakiniko”, which takes you to the Moon and Kleftiko with its white rocks, green waters and caves.

Kleftiko, Papafragas, Sarakiniko, Katergo are some of the beaches you must see. In order to enjoy the sunset you should go to Plaka.


Skopelos is one of the greenest islands in Greece, full of forests that reach down to the seas with turquoise waters.

It is located in the Sporades and according to skopelosweb, over 67% of the island’s area is covered by virgin pine forest.

Skopelos is the ideal island for you if you are a fan of the movie Mamma Mia, as you can visit beaches that were featured in the movie and of course the picturesque chapel of Agios Ioannis in Kastri, which hosted the wedding of the movie’s protagonists. 

You can combine your trip to Skopelos with a trip to Skiathos or Alonissos, which are located next to the island.


Sifnos is an island with a long history and beautiful beaches for all tastes. It is an ideal destination for a holiday with harmony and relaxed rhythms.

Traditional Cycladic villages, countless churches, windmills and beaches with crystal clear waters make up the image of Sifnos.

In several parts of the island there are sandy beaches, rocky shores, pebble beaches and organised beaches, two of which have been awarded the Blue Flag. Most of the beaches are accessible by road, while there are also some that can be reached by scenic paths or by sea. 

Explore Apollonia, the Chora of Sifnos, which is spread over three hills in the centre of the island, while a few kilometres outside Chora is the village of Artemonas, the second largest village of Sifnos, with neoclassical mansions, gardens and flowered courtyards.

Which Greek island would you choose for your summer holidays?

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