There’s always a little space for dessert no matter how much you’ve eaten, since as they say, “dessert doesn’t go in the stomach. Dessert goes to the heart.” And in Athens we have places where you can enjoy the most delicious desserts.

In Athens you can enjoy all kinds of desserts that will satisfy even the strangest tastes. Chocolate, creams, ice creams, fresh sweets, all of which are waiting for you to try. In the list below you will find the shops with the best sweets in Athens.

The best sweets in Athens 


Zoumbourlou is an elegant hostess from Istanbul, waiting for you at Psirri (Aeschylou Street 4, Athens 105 54) for traditional sweets and delicious pies.

Among the traditional desserts you should not miss the fantastic galaktoboureko with buffalo milk cream, flavoured with milk butter and crust. Must-try are also the ekmek kantaifi, the kiounefe with ice cream, and the armenoville, which is a velvety parfait semifreddo with toasted almonds, beignets and chocolate ganache.

From the signature flavours of Zoumbourlou, I recommend the Zoumbourlou Chocolate cake with Cacao Barry chocolate mousse on a crispy praline base.


If you want to enjoy your dessert in a vintage atmosphere you will choose Portatif in Kolonaki (Sina 21, Athens 106 72).

The handmade desserts of the day are served in the cutest tableware, and there’s a huge variety from tarts and cakes to pastries and delicious chocolate dishes.

My favourite dishes are the Red Velvet Cake, the delicious chocolate pie and of course the profiteroles.


Koukouvagia traveled from Crete to Athens (Skouze 1, Athens 105 60) and brought to the heart of the capital the most delicious desserts that look like they came straight from mom’s kitchen.

You must definitely try their cheesecake with a base of grated biscuit and Philadelphia cheese cream. You can choose on top if you want strawberry jam or Nutella for the chocolate lovers. I’ve tried both and they are super.

Another perfect option is Merope’s dessert, a three-layer gelatin refrigerator dessert with chocolate, white cream, amaretto and almonds. If you don’t want chocolate I recommend the lemon pie. 


Moving to the West, in Peristeri (Pelasgias 7, 121 31) you’ll find Sourloulou, a cute pink shop with delicious pastries.

The Cheesecake Oreo and Cheesecake Bueno are the best you can try. If you’re not a fan of chocolate you must try the ekmek with tsoureki, the delicious doughnuts and the fantastic orange pie.

Slim Bites

Is sugar-free sweets possible? Yes!

Slim Bites makes delicious sweets, in which it has replaced white sugar with stevia. You’ll find Slim Bites in Neo Psychiko, Glyfada, Vrilissia, Kolonaki and Nea Erythria and it’s the right choice for when you want a healthy dessert.

I’d recommend you try the New York Cheesecake, which consists of lime-flavoured sable bretton biscuit, orange-flavoured cream cheese with Madagascar vanilla and Madagascar orange vanilla and cremeux with two different kinds of orange. 

My must-try includes the vegan chocolate pie and the low-calorie orange chocolate tart.


In Plaka (Mnisikleous 23, Athens 105 55) you’ll find Yasemi, a beautiful bistro with traditional pies and pastries.

You won’t have a hard time finding it. It’s down an uphill alley with steps, which have been posted thousands of times on social media. You can sit at the tables lining the steps or on the terrace, which is filled with flowers. During winter you can also sit inside. Yasemi has vintage decor and is reminiscent of grandma’s house.

Every time I visit it, I always choose the chocolate pie, while the galaktompoureko, lemon pie and carrot cake are equally delicious.

Which place would you choose to eat dessert?

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