2024 is here and travel enthusiasts have already started looking for budget travel destinations abroad. From Greece, the most budget ones are definitely in Europe

The earlier you search, the cheaper you’ll find plane tickets, but also lower prices on hotels.

But what are the most budget destinations to travel in Europe?

Five budget destinations in Europe 

Milan, Italy

Milan is an ideal destination for a budget trip in Europe. The accommodation may not be cheap, but you can find tickets from Greece for 40€ round trip on low-cost airlines. 

Plus, it’s a small enough destination that you can get around it in a few days, so you can easily go for a two or three-day trip. So you’ll need a few nights- so a few money in accommodation – and food prices are quite affordable. 

Perfect for pizza and pasta lovers.

Budapest, Hungary 

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe is Budapest. Built on the Danube river, it challenges you to explore it.

Three days is enough to get to know the capital of Hungary. Prices for accommodation and food are quite affordable.

We for two days in an apartment with all amenities, in the city centre, paid only 60€ in total.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest has earned the nickname “Paris of the Balkans” and not without reason. It is a wonderful city with cobbled medieval streets and well-preserved buildings that will enchant you.

In Bucharest you will also find the famous Thermal Spa Bucharest, which is a wellness, relaxation and fun park based on the thermal waters of the region.

It’s the perfect weekend destination, as in two days you can go around the city and enjoy the spa as well. Accommodation even in the city centre is quite affordable. 

Bucharest - Βουκουρέστι

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, due to the significant drop in the value of the lira, is one of the most affordable destinations you can visit in Europe.

Airplane tickets are not very cheap, as flights are mainly with Aegean and Turkish Airlines, but the cost of accommodation and food is extremely low.

If I could tell you to go to only one destination, I would undoubtedly recommend the beautiful Istanbul.

Krakow, Poland

Enchanting Krakow is Poland’s second largest city and one of the best economic destinations in Europe.

The cobbled streets, the Royal Wawel Castle, carriages and dragons compose a fairytale setting.

Prices are quite low, and remarkably, vodka is cheaper than water! 

The best place to stay is next to the walls-parks of Krakow’s Old Town, so you can walk to all the tourist attractions.

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