How many times you have been bored on the plane? Personally, I get it all the time. A flight to abroad can be boring and monotonous, especially if it lasts many hours. Below I have some interesting solutions that you may find useful!

1. Music

The most simple thing you can do, is to listen music. You can make a playlist from your home with your favourite songs. After the plane takes off, put on your headphones, and enjoy your music. Time will pass much more pleasantly than you think.

2. Netflix & Chill

My second idea is to download a movie or series to your mobile/tablet/laptop to watch during your flight. I always have with me my tablet and I always have a backup with some movies.

3. Book

It’s not necessary to be a “tech-person”. You can just as easily have your favourite book in your bag, which you will read during your flight. And who knows? You might “get lost” in your book and travel… far away!

4. Board Games

Do you travel with friends? A great idea is to play a board game (eg. UNO, snakes and leaders). When I was flying to Barcelona I also tried the Name-Animal-Thing.

Tip: Be careful! If you are… a competitive person, like me, the board games might not be the best idea for you.

5. Food

Get some of your favorite snacks and soft drinks and you’re ready to fly! I don’t say to eat during the whole time of the time obviously, but it’s something that will keep you busy for a while.

6. Cloud Shapes

It might sound silly, but when you have a window seat, you can look outside and after admiring the view, you can take a look at the clouds. You never know, you may find impressive shapes.

7. Organise your bag

It’s not uncommon to go through stressful the check-in controls to get on a plane on time. Usually when you get on the plane, there is a mess in your bag. IDs, tickets etc. During your flight you can arrange the mess in your bag.

8. Edit your photos

If you are returning from a trip and you have take thousands photos, choose your photos and edit them!

9. Plan something

Have you got any plans for your returning? A renovation, a party, a project or something similar? Whatever it is you can plan this on the airplane. You will be amazed at how productive you can become in just few hours.

10. Stretch

Get up from your seat, when of course it allowed, and take a short walk on the plane, so that you can stretch.

11. Sleep

Take a comfortable pillow with you, a sleep mask, if you are botherer by the light and people around you, sit comfortably in your seat and take a good nap.

I hope I gave you some useful tips. If you have any extra ideas, you can write them down in the comments!

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